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Welcome to Runaway Saws (Jeff Klatt's) Online Portfolio! Chainsaw Sculpture Artist Jeff Klatt creating a piece of art from wood

First and foremost I would like to welcome you to my online portfolio. Many of the works that I have created are featured in my Tree Sculpture Gallery and if they aren't in there yet it is updated every couple weeks so expect to see it soon!

What is Chainsaw Art?

Old large featured trees are marvelous living structures. Unfortunately, even with the best care, mature specimens may eventually succumb to aggressive diseases; however, with Runaway Saws at the ready you don't necessarily have to lose their presence.

Tree carving is an art, in which trees (usually dead trees) are carved into a wonderful sculpture in the place where they stand. Our ancestors placed much importance on nature. Tree carving was started by them as a symbol of respect for nature. The outcome of the standing tree really is only limited to the chainsaw artist's creativity. As you can see in our Gallery there is plenty of creativity coming from Jeff's many different carvings.

Runaway Saws Featured Information

Watch our Picture Slideshow of Jeff Klatt sculpting the eagles at Color-ize in downtown Storm Lake, Iowa! Color-ize Eagles Video.

Jeff Klatt is the entreprenuer and sole artist of Runaway Saws. Contact him to learn more about booking him for events and pricing information.


Runaway  Saws
Chainsaw Sculptures by Chainsaw Artist Jeff Klatt
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